Why call Vic the Plumber if you need your home’s water heater repaired or replaced in Granville, Ohio?

Modern water heaters are quite durable as they are built to last and come with long warranties. These appliances work hard behind the scenes of your home, and sometimes they work a little too hard, leading to breakdowns. Although you would expect them to last for years without problems, they are bound to succumb to water, heat, and the other components that make them function.

Most of the issues you might encounter with your water heater are not fatal and can be repaired if the fault is correctly identified. Fortunately, many water heaters are not complicated as they have few components; thus, you might do most of the fixes. However, if it is a problem with the water tank itself, or you need a new water heater in Granville, Ohio, then Vic the Plumber is the best specialist to call. Below are some of the issues that might require you to reach out to Vic the Plumber.

Water Temperature Issues
The most common problem you may encounter with your water heater is temperature. When the water is cold, it might be an electrical fault such as a faulty heating element or thermostat. If the water is not getting hot enough, it could still be a faulty thermostat or heating element or crossed hot and cold connections. Sometimes the water might get too hot due to the high setting of the thermostat. Issues like these require calling a professional like Vic the Plumber to assess the situation.

Water Leaks
Loose connections might lead to water leaks, but other causes may require more work, such as:
• Bad gasket
• Stuck valve
• Leaking water tank
• Loose heating element bolts
• Stuck valves
• Overheating
• Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve
• Improper water pressure
You might fix the loose connections by tightening them with a wrench, but most of the other issues mentioned above require you to call Vic the Plumber for reliable repairs and replacements. Leaks from the tank are more serious as they may be corroded and needs to be replaced entirely.

Low Hot Water Pressure
Most older homes have ½ “pipes while modern ones have 3/4 “ pipes so the low pressure might be caused by your pipes not being wide enough. If you suffer from low hot water pressure and live in an older home, you might need to fit wider pipes to resolve the issue.

Discolored Water
When the water coming from your heater turns to a dirty rust color, there probably is some corrosion inside your tank. The only solution here is to call Vic the Plumber, to come and replace your tank. However, before replacing the tank, you might need to flush it and replace the anode rod as it might be the problem.

Vic the Plumber is readily available for the residents of Granville, Ohio, for any water heater issues that require repair or replacement. Call us if you experience odd noises, water taking too long to heat, smelly water, or pilot light issues. Our highly experienced plumbers will ensure that you have peace of mind from a perfectly working water heater.