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Faulty plumbing fixtures can cause annoying issues like leaks and poor water pressure. If you notice an issue with one of your fixtures, you should get repair services ASAP. When you need faucet repairs in New Albany or Gahanna, OH, turn to Vic the Plumber. Count on us to diagnose the problem and let you know if it's possible to save your fixture with a repair.

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In some cases, a faucet replacement might be necessary. You'll likely need new equipment if:

  • Your fixture is outdated
  • There's rust buildup
  • You notice mineral deposits
  • It leaks even after repairs

We offer high-quality fixtures from Moen and Delta Faucet, but we can use your preferred brands, as well. If you have any questions about our faucet replacement service, call (614) 632-2829 today.

Call Vic the Plumber for Faucets and Fixtures Repaired or Replaced in New Albany, OH

The faucets in a bathroom or kitchen need to be easy to turn on. They need to allow a person easy access to the water going through their home's pipes. Those who are having issues with the faucets and fixtures in their New Albany home can contact Vic the Plumber.

Faucets Should be Replaced When Dripping or Not Working Properly:

There are times when a faucet will start to drip. Those living in the home where that faucet is installed might become annoyed with the sound that the water dripping out of it makes or they might be concerned about all of the water that they are wasting because of the dripping faucet. When a faucet is dripping or failing to work properly in another way, Vic the Plumber can be contacted to get to work right away, taking out that faucet and putting in a new one.

The Right Faucets Should be Added to a Bathroom or Kitchen:

Some faucets are easier to use than others, and some make more sense than others for a particular space. Those who rely on Vic the Plumber for help getting a new faucet put in can know that they will have assistance in choosing the right faucet. A faucet should match the other fixtures in a room, and the more options available to a person, the more that they will love the faucet that they end up using.

Vic the Plumber Knows How to Fix a Faucet that is Not Working:

If a faucet is not turning on like it used to or a home owner has noticed some type of issue with that fixture, Vic the Plumber knows how to diagnose the problem and take care of things. It is important for someone to come into the home who has worked out a number of faucet issues in the past and who will be able to decipher what is going on.

Vic the Plumber Knows the Proper Way to Seal in a New Faucet:

As a new faucet is being put in place, it must be properly installed to the sink or vanity where it is being added. If a faucet is not put in right, water can get into places where it should not go and damage can be done. Vic The Plumber can be trusted to properly install a faucet and seal it into place just where it should be.

There are Services Available for Those Dealing with a Faulty Faucet:

Those who are in need of repair help for a faucet and those who are looking to have a brand new faucet installed can all contact Vic the Plumber and know that they will be given a lot of attention and good help.