Why Call Vic The Plumber For Your Home’s Plumbing Repair Needs In Galena, Ohio?

There are many reasons why residents in and around Galena, Ohio call Vic The Plumber. As a homeowner, you have likely already faced one or more plumbing issue in your house. Vic has tackled some of the toughest plumbing repairs over the years, and no job is too big or too small for him to handle.

Plumbing Repairs

Vic The Plumber fixes leaks emanating from the sink, toilet, bathtub, faucets, shower, HVAC, and most everywhere else around your home. He finds and identifies the source of the problem. When you hire Vic, he gets the job done right the first time. He uses high-quality replacement parts, many of which are in stock to help expedite the repair process.

Water Heaters

Here is the plumber’s tip to homeowners. Please remember to check the area around your water heater regularly. If you see any sign of leaking, or rust and corrosion on the unit itself, please call Vic The Plumber. These are problematic symptoms that require immediate attention before the problem gets worse.


The company is a full-service plumbing contractor. Vic The Plumber installs water heaters, new showers, faucets, and other plumbing fixtures. You’ll also want to call the plumber to handle the hookups of some of your appliances, such as a gas dryer, stove. and dishwasher. Vic is the plumber to call to handle the plumbing work needed in new construction and home additions.

Emergency Services

Vic The Plumber is a leading plumbing contractor near you in Galena, OH. An unexpected situation can come up in your home that needs immediate attention. You can count on this responsive plumber to deliver prompt and reliable service.

About the Company

This company has been serving the homeowners of Galena and its surrounding communities for many years. The firm is a fully insured plumbing contractor. Vic and his crew are licensed plumbers who utilize the latest tools and technology to solve all of your home plumbing repairs and installation needs. Their expertise is unmatched, they offer a free estimate for the job, and the rates are very competitive. Please call to schedule an appointment today.