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Dependable access to gas and water is essential for many daily tasks. To ensure that you always have utilities readily available, contact Vic the Plumber to provide top-notch gas and waterline installation services. Our knowledgeable plumbers have experience serving homeowners in New Albany and Gahanna, OH.

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How can you tell if it's time to update your gas or waterlines in New Albany or Gahanna, OH? Check out these red flags to determine whether our services are right for you:

  1. Are you replacing your old electric stove with a new gas one?
  2. Is your old, galvanized piping system causing less water to feed into your home?
  3. Has your water pressure drastically decreased?

f you answered yes to any of these questions, call (614) 632-2829 ASAP to schedule waterline or gas line installation services.

Call Vic the Plumber for your Water or Gas Piping Replaced or Maintained in New Albany, OH

You can perform a good number of plumbing repairs and fixes on a DIY basis. For instance, if the water pressure in your shower-head is low, you can clean the shower head or check the water meter valve. There are other simple repairs that you can undertake without having to call the plumber. Now, if you have a leaking kitchen or bathroom sink trap, you can tighten it or get a new inexpensive trap. Considering that there are times when a do-it-yourself solution will be handy, you get to wonder what might warrant a call to Vic, the plumber. This overview will tell you of situations and instances when you need to call Vic the Plumber.

Instances When You Will Need to Call Vic the Plumber

1. Major Water Leakage

This is one of those classic moments that you will need to place that distress call. Essentially, major water leakage can cause water flooding and probable water damage. Normally, these are uncommon occurrences but tend to happen. When it happens, you must act fast to prevent further damage to your house. Before the plumber arrives, you can cut off the water supply to the leaking pipe by turning off the supply valve.

2. Complete Lack of Water

Normally, water can fail to flow into your bathroom or kitchen. These are instances where the problem is localized and can be easily fixed. However, if there is no water flow in the whole house, you must contact your plumber. Essentially, lack of water in the entire house can be due to a major problem such as failures in the water pipes supplying your home.

3. Line Leakage That Happens Inside the Structures of Your House

Normally, a simple leakage on the drainage pipes is not much to worry about. However, if leaking pipes run through important home structures such as walls and roofs, you must immediately contact a plumber. Normally, these kinds of leakages are dangerous to the structure of your house and can cause extensive damages. It is therefore crucial that you take prompt action immediately you spot the leakage.

4. Sewer Line Leak or Leaking Gaseous Odors

A leaking sewer line leak can be a big menace to your home. Normally, it is not recommended to try a DIY on sewer lines since they require special attention and expertise. Additionally, if the leak worsens, you may have to seek alternative shelter for some time since the sewer materials may make your house inhabitable. Therefore, when you spot a leak in these lines, it is time to call Vic.

5. Natural Gas Leak

A natural gas leak can cause devastating fires, death, and even extensive damage to your house. Therefore, if you come by any natural gas leak, it is time to call your plumber. You can also call the fire department to help you if a fire erupts before the plumber arrives. Additionally, to ensure that you are safe, you should avoid any action that may cause fire, such as cooking.

A simple call to a plumber is an inexpensive option compared to the cost of damage that might occur if you fail to. If you are not well prepared for DIYs, you should also contact Vic, the plumber, to avoid worsening the piping problem. Call (614) 632-2829.